images(11)Keep Hydro Public! Our Durham ETFO Political Action Committee is tracking several important governmental policy directions that will affect our classrooms. Presently, our main concern is to Keep Hydro Public! Privatization always increases the cost of electricity, leaving less money for school operations, educational resources, and less money for families that are already struggling to pay bills. Please follow this link to contact your MPP and let them know your concerns.

Our PAC meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month. New members are always welcome!

Mandate Creep! The Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996 established a separate regulatory body for Ontario teachers; it is the only teacher regulatory body in Canada. The overarching mandate of the Ontario College of Teachers is to regulate the teaching profession in the public interest. It performs this function through issuing licences to teach, setting and enforcing professional standards, and accrediting teacher education programs. The College stemmed from the 1994 report of the Royal Commission on Learning. The report did not envision the College having the role of advocating for the profession. That role was specifically excluded from the 1996 legislation.


ETFO is looking to the government to amend the Ontario College of Teachers Act to clarify the College mandate and ensure that its operations no longer stray into the legislated responsibilities of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation and its affiliates. The OCT is setting a negative precedent for other Ontario regulatory bodies, some of which are also pushing the boundaries of their operations and venturing into advocacy activities. It is not in the public interest for Ontario regulatory bodies to engage in activities that confuse the public about their role and which take them away from their core work. The Ontario Teachers’ Federation is charged with our advocacy work. Click here to find out more about who does what in our education system.

And now a message from ETFO president Sam Hammond:

“There are 2 surveys from the Ontario College of Teachers currently being conducted. Members of ETFO are advised not to participate in either survey. Members’ Survey Regarding Coroner’s Jury Recommendation on Attestation The Ontario College of Teachers has sent emails to some members with the subject line “Members’ Survey Regarding Coroner’s Jury Recommendation on Attestation”. The College is requesting participation in a survey related to the Coroner’s Jury recommendation that the OCT consider having its members attest annually that they have reviewed materials issued by the College relating to their duty to report abuse and/or neglect of children and youth to a children’s aid society or child & family services agency pursuant to the Child and Family Services Act. Please be advised that ETFO as well as OTF and the other affiliates have already been consulted by the College on this matter, and all are in agreement that it is not within the College’s mandate to have members provide an annual attestation to the College in this regard. As such, members of ETFO are advised not to participate in this College survey. Professionally Speaking Reader Survey The Ontario College of Teachers has circulated an intrusive marketing-type survey that asks personal questions which are well outside the role of the OCT (e.g., vacation habits, household income, number of cars, recreational activities). Members of ETFO are advised not to participate in this College survey.

In solidarity, Sam Hammond President – Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario”


Many thanks to those who came to support our call for justice at the Consulate of Mexico on July 4th! Read the official ETFO statement on Mexico here.




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Upcoming Events :

Photo by Karen Chapelle

Photo by Karen Chapelle

There are lots of Ontario Pride events near you! Please join the fun; your visible, public support is a powerful lifeline for struggling students and peers.








July-August: Need a rest? Consider a vacation at the Ontario Teachers’ Federation Campground in Parry Sound! More details at otffeo.on.ca.

OTF campground Parry Sound










Labour Day Oshawa








September 5: Join the fun at Durham region’s Annual Labour Day Picnic from 11am-3pm at Memorial Park, Oshawa, for a joyful celebration of community, and the power of organized workers improve life for everyone: eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest. Please show your solidarity. Bring family & friends. The more the merrier!

Sept 14: Executive meet.

Sept 15: annual Take Back the Night event in Oshawa.

Sept 23: New Teacher Training at noon at the Port Perry Library.

Sept 24: Peterborough Pride Parade. KPR ETFO encourages everyone to join the fun!

Sept 27: Steward Training


Please see the Event Calendar for more.

Applications for the 2015-2016 PD Fund are now being accepted. Once every two years, a member is eligible to apply for up to $150 in funding to help cover PD costs. First come, first served. The form is found here. Anyone thinking of taking a gratuity payment should use this calculator to see if it is worth your while. In most cases, it is not. Please contact your released exec for more details.

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